Jean Redpath - Songs of Robert Burns vols 5 and 6

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(1996) 24 tracks: The Lea-Rig * My Collier Laddie * O, This Is No My Ain Lassie * My Nanie, O * Fragment * The Posie * The Mill, Mill O * O, Were I On Parnassus Hill * The German Lairdie * The Battle of Sherra-Moor * Lament of Mary Queen of Scots * You're Welcome, Willie Stewart * Killiecrankie * Galloway Tam * Strathallan's Lament * The Fornicator * Here's To My Health * Last My A Braw Wooer * Gloomy December * Jamie, Come Try Me * The White Cockade * The Cardin' O't * Sandy and Jockie * Hey, Ca' Thro'.

Burns' songs performed by Scotland's outstanding traditional singer. Researched and arranged by Serge Hovey.

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