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(November 2013)

15 tracks: La Danza / The Deil's Awa' Wi Th' Exciseman * Silent Worship * You Are My Heart's Delight * Funiculi Funicula * Because * Anniversary Song (Oh!How We Danced) * Almost Like Being In Love * Born Free * Danny Boy * Kishmul's Gallery * An Eriskay Love Lilt / An Island Sheiling Song * Lauder Medley: I Love A Lassie / Just A Wee Deoch-An-Doris / There Is Somebody Waiting For Me / A Wee hoose Mang The Heather / Will Ye Stop Yer Tickling Jock / Roamin In The Gloomin / The End Of The Road * Westering Home * The Midges * My Ain Folk.

Scottish singer Jamie MacDougall sings his favourite songs of Kenneth McKellar and other greats.

He is accompanied on this album by Michael Barnett, showcasing the songs from two shows they worked on together.

"All the tracks have a special significance to me, growing up hearing many of them through my grandpa, who had a wonderful tenor voice, and my father... his favourite song was Danny Boy. My mum told me he'd often say to her 'when will he sing Danny Boy?'. When I finally plucked up the courage to perform it, it came as a complete surprise to him. It would be one of the last times he would hear me sing. So for his love and constant support, for his belief that I had a gift worth sharing, I dedicate this disc to his memory." Jamie MacDougall

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