James Scott Skinner - The Strathspey King

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(October 2002) 22 tracks

Original recordings 1905-1922, re-mastered, of the great Scottish fiddle maestro.

James Scott Skinner, Scottish fiddler and composer, died in 1927 at the age of 84. Self styled 'The Strathspey King', he had an extraordinary life and left behind him a legacy of music that has had a great effect on Scottish fiddling and traditional music.

We are able to experience some of that legacy, played by the man himself, as he recorded many of his compositions and favourite tunes both on cylinder and early vinyl discs.

On this CD the archive recording has been processed using the latest Cedar equipment to lose as many pops, clicks and surface noises as possible without affecting the music. Not a hi-fi recording, but Skinner's music still shines through.

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