James Keelaghan - Then Again

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(June 2006) 11 tracks: Turn Of The Wheel * Hillcrest Mine * Orion * Gladys Ridge * I Would I Were * Fires Of Calais * Somewhere Ahead * Cold Missouri Waters * A Recent Future * Jenny Bryce * Hold Your Ground.

After 17 years, eight albums and a Juno award, Canadian singer-songwriter James Keelaghan presents a retrospective album of his most popular songs.

On this collection of much-loved Keelaghan songs, he revisits the tunes to re-record them as they have become honed, changed a little and matured whilst being played on the road.

Cold Missouri Waters won the Folk section of the USA Songwriting Competition.

"A definite contender for Canada’s leading acoustic performer - he is one hell of a good songwriter. But listen to his voice, a smooth coffee-rich baritone is the perfect vehicle for songs that are as intelligent and meaningful as anything here." (Time Out)

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