James Byrne - The Road to Glenlough

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(1990) 23 tracks: Con McGinley's * Slip and Double Jig: Paddy Hiudai's Jigs * An Londubh * The Fickle Lad * The Wild Irishman * Muineal a' Bhardail * The Road to Glenlough * The Devil's Dream * Barndance: McConnell's * Jig: John Byrne's * The Glory Reel * Jig na Mire * Highland * Jimmy Lyon's * Jig: Johnny Boyle's * Barndance: Mick Carr's * Reel: Tripping Upstairs * Reel: Sean Parnell's * Air: Maidin Fhomhair * Highland: Mick Carr's * Reel: The Heather Breeze * Reel: The Sportin' Belles * Highland: Dulaman na Binne Buidhe * Reel: Ril na Dritheog.

Traditional fiddle music from Donegal, with many tunes learned from James' famous father John Byrne.

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