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June 2023

13 Tracks: Canyon * Gotta Believe * Four Coaches * Lupe's Theme (feat. Kate Kurdyak) * Parnell's Last Stand * Leave The Light On * Lodder's Lurch * Killing Time (feat. Steve Waterman) * Wouldn't Change * Engine On * The Crossing (Main Theme) * The Revenant (feat. John Etheridge) * The Crossing (Piano feat. Steve Lodder) * Always Seeking (album version).

A second album from guitarist and singer-songwriter, Jake Aaron.

Always Seeking, is a collection of 14 tracks, a mix of acoustic, rock, blues and jazzy elements, saloon piano and a Western cinematic theme.

Jake Aaron (guitar, vocals), Steve Lodder (keyboards), Davide Mantovani (bass), Marc Parnell (drums, percussion), John Etheridge (lead guitar ('Four Coaches', 'Gotta Believe', 'The Revenant'), Kate Kurdyak (vocals ('Lupe's Theme' and backing vocals on 'Gotta Believe'), Steve Waterman (trumpet ('Leave the Light On', 'Killing Time', 'Always Seeking').

"The album really is a proper immersive experience, way beyond good songwriting and performance. 'Always Seeking' is fourteen tracks that create a whole much greater than its collective parts, scope and vision abound, but above all, it's just a great listen ..." - Fatea Records

"Simply calling Aaron a guitarist and songwriter is a little like calling Warhol a painter. It misses the mark by miles."Tim Carroll – FolkWords

" I imagined the album as a storyboard for a Western film although it’s the Wild West seen more via West London and too much 1970s TV. I'd say it was alt-Americana rather than straight Americana. I grew up listening to bands like The Jam, Ian Dury and The Specials rather than American country – so there are other influences in there." Jake Aaron.


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