Scottish Gold - In The Ceilidh And Dance Tradition

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(1995) (55 mins): Edenkillie Church / Major EW Wellstood / Lady Stewart MacPherson / Ken Thomson's Return to the North East * Drunken Piper / Mount Stewart House / Waves Of Troy / Sword of Comenceile * Commander David Stogdon R.N.L.I. / Major John MacLennan * Come Let Us Dance And Sing / Waves of Troy / Canadian Reel / St. Columba's Sword / Loch Torridon / Whelands Hornpipe / Buffalo Gals / Canadian / Rakes of Mallow / Come Let Us Dance and Sing * Isa * Mairi's Wedding / Balallan Reel / Bratach Bana * Barren Rocks Of Aden / Dornoch Links / Black Bear / Cock of the North * Muckin O Geordie Byre / Mrs Grace Bowie / Sir Torquil Munro / Cock of the North * Flowers Of Edinburgh / Waverly Steps / Highland Lassie / Down Express * Captain Murdo Kennedy / Captain Alec Morrison * Kia Ora / G'ad Choineachd / Ealadh Bhan * Dashing White Sergeant / Farewell to Whisky / Mr and Mrs Neill's Birthday Party / Old Grey Cat * Forth Road Bridge Silver Jubilee * Circassian Circle / Gadie Rins / Babes in the Wood / Fairy Dance / Kate Dalrymple * Calum Beag / Am Muileann Dubh / Mairi's Wedding / Fear A/Phige * Duke of Perth / Jean Kirkpatrick's Fancy / Kinclaven Bridge / Kemnay House.

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