Ian Robertson and Rob Alderton - Double Take

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(June 2009) 16 tracks: Jigs (8 x 32) * Reels (8 x 32) * Strathspeys (4 x 32) * 4/4 Marches for Gay Gordons * Jigs (5 x 32) * Reels (8 x 32) * Strathspeys (3 x 32) * Waltz * Fiddle Reels (5 x 32) * Hornpipes for Canadian Bran Dance * Jigs (4 x 48) * Strathspey & Reel for Schiehallion (64 + 64) * Jigs (8 x 32) * Slow Air Strathspeys (4 x 32) * Boston Two-step * Reels (4 x 32).

Ian double-takes on fiddle and accordion, and Rob does the same on piano and bass, giving the effect of a full band.

The unusual arrangements make this a refreshing change, yet the album is still in strict-tempo for dancing to.

Stylish and vivacious, but with a twist.

Featuring tunes including Randall's Reel, The 19th Hole, Silver And Gold, The Furrow's End, Kildare Fancy, Barrowburn Reel and Calver Lodge.

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