Ian Powrie - vol 1 - Original Composition

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Scotland (Deeay Music)

36 original compositions by the great Scottish fiddle player.

Bill Powrie; Joan Blue's Reel; Jimmy and Anne Shand's Golden Wedding; lan Powrie's Compliments to Sir Thomas Wardle; The Irish Folk Club of Western Australia; lan Powrie's Compliments to John Carmichael; Fairy Jig; lan Powrie's Compliments to Tom Anderson; The Moray Players; Red Velvet Sash; lan Powrie's Compliments to Jimmy Blue; Walter Sinton's Welcome to Strathardle, Western Australia; Ellenbrook; lan Powrie's Compliments to Angus Fitchet (Strathspey & Reel); Technad; Duncan Black; Hugh McKenna's Reel; Dowerin Field Day; Anne Aitchison; Braewell; Shira's Jig; The Honeymoon Jig; Beverley Wood; Bill Black's "Mirk"; Geoff Mew's Reel; Mary Mackenzie's Delight; Norrie Williams' Reel; Scott Wilson; Alison McNay's 21st Birthday; Mrs McLean of Drummondsfold; lan Powrie's Compliments to Jim Johnstone; Willie Hunter; lan Powrie's Compliments to Perth Accordion & Fiddle Club; Jimmy Shand's Welcome to Corrieburn; The Banjo Reel; Lament for Big Dougal

Melody and chords suitable for fiddle, and other instruments….

A4 Paperback.

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