Ian Hutson and His Band - Memories Of Jim Johnstone

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(October 2010) 23 tracks (1h 1min): The Dandy Dancer * Canadian Barn Dance * Gay Gordons * Jim Johnstone's Reel * St Bernard's Waltz * Boston Two-Step * Bradford Barn Dance * The Auld Meal Mill (song featuring Bobby Colgan) * Britannia Two-Step * Petronella * Just The Girls * Highland Barn Dance * Pride Of Erin Waltz * Strip The Willow / MacGregor's Farewell To Whisky * Hornpipes * Hesitation Waltz * Eva Three Step * Irish Jigs / Saddle The Pony * Victory Waltz * Lauder Medley (songs featuring Bobby Colgan) * Polka * Gay Gordons Two-Step * Glenburnie Rant.

A tribute by Ian Hutson to the late composer and accordionist Jim Johnstone - a perfectionist in performance, whose motto was "always play for your audience".

Tunes composed by Jim, and sets as played by him, are all here in this collection.

Ian Hutson (accordion) with Neil Dawson (fiddle), Alasdair MacLeod (second accordion), Jim Nichol (piano), Mark McDougall (bass) and Gordon Smith (drums).

"The accordionists that I revere are no more than a handful - Jim Johnstone was one of them..." (Robert Black)

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