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(December 2011) 12 tracks: Let The Children Pick The Flowers * Far Side Banks Of Jordan * The Emigrant * I'II Tell The World I Love You * Look For Me * My Dixie Darling * Paint Me Back Home In Wyoming * Come Sit By The River * The Old Lamplighter * You Can't Divide A Heart * Mansion Over The Hilltop * You Go To Your Church.

With over 40 years in entertainment Ian has masses of experience working solo and with a band.

His band Rockytop was a major crowd-puller in the late 70s and early 80s.

Here he is joined by great musicians from home and Nashville for a dozen Country songs.

Ian Greig (vocals), Keith MacLeod (harmony vocals), Steve Hinson (steel, dobro), Hank Singer (fiddle), Glen Duncan (banjo), Phil Anderson (guitars, mandolin), Manson Grant (piano, bass, strings, trumpet), Robert Cameron (drums).

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