Ian Cruickshanks - Lassie Come and Dance Wi' Me

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(April 2000) 14 tracks: Lassie Come Dance Wi' Me (8x32 Jig) * Culla Bay (4x32 Strathspey) * Macpherson's Jig * St Bernard's Waltz * Clutha (4x48 Reel) * The Singing Sands (3x32 Strathspey) * Nottingham Lace (4x24 Reel) * Rob Of Balbeggie (8x32 Reel) * Roberta Buckel's Strathspey (5x32 Strathspey) * Military Two-step Or Marine Four-step * Fisherman's Reel (5x32 Reel) * Eva Three-step or Gay Gordons * Rothesay Rant (4x32 Jig) * Scottish Waltz.

Dances for Scottish occasions - due to demand, Highlander Music released this album on CD.

Includes the recording of Gilbert and Sullivan tunes for The Fisherman's Reel, a popular set!

Profits from this album go to the Cancer Appeal at Clatterbridge Hospital.

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