Ian Cruickshanks And His Band - A Musical Extravaganza Of Old Tyme Variety

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(December 2009) 18 tracks (52 mins): Quickstep: Whispering * Hesitation Waltz: Snow in Summer * Slow Air: Crathes Castle * Tango: Isle of Capri * Fiddle Reels: Jackie Coleman's / Oomley's Reel * George Black Polka * Saunter Together: I Love You Because * Slow Air & Reel: Afton Water / Dancing Roebuck * Mayfair Quickstep: Alexander's Ragtime Band / Pasadena * Rumba Royale: Marie Elena * Birthday Waltz: My Hometown Melody * Sapphire Tango: Oh, Donna Clara * Saunter: I'm In the Mood For Love * Chicago Swing: Red Roses For A Blue Lady / Margie * Rumba: Yellow Bird * Scott Skiner Medley: Compliments To Dr MacDonald / Forbes Morrison / The Bride's Reel * Alistair & Pat White's Ruby Wedding Waltz * Square Tango: La Cumparsita.

Ballroom and Old Time dances performed by Ian Cruickshanks (button box accordion), with Hebbie Gray (fiddle, alto saxophone), Bill Ewan (piano, keyboard), Ian MacCallum (accordion) and Bill Milligan (drums).

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