Ian Crichton - Tunes From The Isle of Lewis Book 3

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(April 2020)

A third collection of Scottish music for accordion, fiddle and bagpipes composed by Ian Crichton.


Section 1 - Box And Fiddle Tunes

Our Vet From Inveraray!
The Lewis And Harris Box And Fiddle Club
Lynemore House
Maid Of Lewis
Mrs Sheila William's Strathspey
Nurse Janette Ramsay's Strathspey
Waltz For Angela
The Presenter's Lady
Elizabeth Maxwell's Strathspey
Duncan's Delight!
Bob Eadie's Jig
The Iris Laurie Polka
The Smiths Of Smeaton Farm
Miss Karen Craig's Reel
Ron Ramsay's Reel
Mrs Isobel Main's Strathspey
William D Fraser Of Cape Breton
The Cape Breton Islanders Two-Step
Babs Hancock's Jig
Betty Schooling's Two-Step
Bony Baby Lynsey
Angus Alexander Meldrum
Anne-Marie Meldrum's Strathspey
Master Sandy Meldrum
Donny (Tia) Smith Of Ballantrushal
The Fiddler Of Bearsden
Rona Simpson's Reel
Dr Margaret Ferguson
Mrs Sandra Ferguson's Strathspey

Section 2 - Tunes In Bagpipe Notation p21

P/M John M MacKenzie B.E.M.
Alexander Ross
Memories Of Norrie
Lt. Col. David J.S. Murray
Finlay M Macrae M.B.E.
Lochside Cottage
The McCowans Of Kirn
Miss Rowena Renton
Murray MacKillop Of Oban
Pipe Major Roderick John MacLeod
Kenny Mutch Of Fintray
David Stuart Millward
David Edmond Grant

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