Ian Bruce - The Naked Truth Volume One Remastered

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(March 2019)

20 Tracks: Too Far From She * Factory Life * From A Distance (unaccompanied) * Free Agent * This Peaceful Evening * The Touch And The Go * The Anchor Line * Will There Be A Concert * The Nightime Cowboys * Ghost Of The Chair * Hearts Of Ohio * Black Fog * Top Hat'n'Tails * Finds Out Who Your Friends Are * Blodwen's Dream * Gone For The Day * The Dawn Of A Brand New Day * All Roads Lead To Home * Child On The Green * Blue Denim Days.

In recognition of 40 years performing at folk venues singer/songwriter Ian Bruce best selling release has been remixed and remastered.

Ian originally recorded this album in 1995 and it proved to be his most popular album and was featured on BBC's Folk on 2.

Having been out of print for 10 years due to the masters being lost it should be welcome back!

This album features Ian's unique vocal line with only acoustic guitar backing.

Includes his unaccompanied spine chilling version of Julie Gold's "From a Distance".

" Ian Bruce is a big man with a voice to match. His reputation is deservedly growing fast on both sides of the Atlantic and all goes predictably well for one who is amongst Britain's most talented singer/songwriters." Ian McCalman (The McCalmans).

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