Ian Bruce - Hits And Pieces The First 30 Years

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(April 2012) 32 tracks: CD1: Brown Eyed Baby * Annie Laurie * Lincoln And My Brothers * Coming Home * The Stoutest Man In the Forty Twa * The Dawn Of A Brand New Day * Now Westlin' Winds * Sweet Fallen Angels * Blue Denim Days * Lonely Old Lady * Child On The Green * Speakin' Free * From A Distance * Recovery * Ca' The Yowes * Labyrinth Of Chance * My Eldorado.

CD2: Too Far From She * The Touch And The Go * The King's Shilling * Lassie Wi' The Lintwhite Locks * Then The Rain Came * Free Agents * Namenlos * Broken Down Squatter * Gone For The Day * Blodwen's Dream * The Bleacher Lassie O' Kelvinhaugh * My Martin And My Motorbike * Black Fog * The John MacLean March * Ghost Of The Chair * Ye Jacobites By Name * Will There Be A Concert.

DVD: Two Far From She * Sweet Fallen Angels * Hairstin' Days * Gone For The Day * The Diamond Ship * Coming Home * Free Agents * From A Distance * The Jeannie * Lass Wi' The Lintwhite Locks * Lost Souls * Namenlos * Then The Rain Came * The City Of New Orleans * Blue Denin Days * My Eldorado * Where I Should Go * The Touch And The Go * Yankee Man.

Ian has been on the folk scene since 1979 and this bumper pack celebrates his first thirty years.

The two CDs and DVD contain Ian's own compositions, Burns songs, folk classics and contemporary pieces.

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