Iain Morrison - Trust The Sea To Guide Me

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Composer Of The Year - MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards 2010 .

(April 2010) 13 tracks (54 mins): The Kid Who Hid Under The Water * Tripping Alone * Trust The Sea To Guide Me * A Lewis Summer * Roddy MacIsaac * Take It All In * So, Operator! * 7th Floor * Omu Prin's Lament * Leaving Ireland * All Of Heaven's Birds * And The Loner Says * An Ann Air Mhire Tha Sibh.

Thoughtful songwriting, and a gentle and atmospheric delivery from Stornoway-born Iain Morrison of Glasgow indie band Crash My Model Car.

He follows the success of his two previous albums with a new collection of songs, with influences from pop and rock to Gaelic song and traditional piping.

Iain displays his many talents as a songwriter, singer and musician, playing guitar, Highland pipes, smallpipes and piano, with guests Pete Harvey (cello), Seamun O'Donnell (drums, vocals), Iain Hutchison (piano), Marc Duff (whistle, bouzouki), Ross Hamilton (bass), Iain Morrison Snr (canntaireachd) and Donald Shaw (harmonium).

All songs and tunes written by Iain Morrison (except Leaving Ireland by John 'Eona' Morrison).

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