Iain Morrison - To The Horizon Sir

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(November 2012) 10 tracks: Stones And Matches * Homeward * Dear Goose * Lost With The Archipelago * Psalm * Hermit's Castle * Little Colt * My Calm * To The Horizon Sir * Dream Of The Bear.

Latest release of self-penned songs from Lewis born Iain, recorded in the United States and in Scotland.

Iain travelled to the studio home of producer and friend Michael Chorney in the hills of Vermont USA where some of his new tracks were created. The remainder of the songs were completed in Scotland with various musicians including long time collaborator and friend Pete Harvey on cello.

Iain recently appeared on the BBC's Transatlantic Sessions singing three of his own compositions, Broken Off Car Door, A Lewis Summer and Fire in my Hands alongside Bela Fleck, Danny Thompson and Jerry Douglas.

Michael Chorney (guitar), Robinson Morse (double bass), Geza Carr (drums), Pete Harvey (cello), Seamus O'Donnell (drums), Ross Hamilton (bass), Iain Hutchison (guitar, harmonium).

Composer Of The Year - MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards 2010.

"These were songs you instantly wanted to hear all over again." The Scotsman.

"Iain Morrison's music is an enigmatic and truly original mix of creative elements which, beyond its immediate sonorous ,has a depth of startlingly imaginative, even surreal, observation." Hi-Arts.

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