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(April 2016)

12 Tracks: Seumas Alec's (Jig Set) * St. Fillian's (March / Reels) * All Winter (Quickstep / Reels) * Isobel's Tune (Slow Air) * The Lochside Hornpipe / The Excelsior * Tatties On The Manifold (March) * Stoddie's Reels * The Mill In The Glen (Medley) * The Head, The Heart And The Tail (Reels) * Am Bruadair (Slow Air) * The Gallop to Callop (Fiddle Set) * Fearchar Mac Iain Og (Pipe Set).

Gallop to Callop is the debut solo album from West Highland fiddler and Blazin' Fiddles founding member, Iain MacFarlane.

Recorded at his Old Laundry Studio in Glenfinnan, the album includes many original compositions some drawn from the tradition and the standard piping repertoire.

Iain MacFarlane is an internationally acclaimed player and teacher in the traditional music world.

He is a former member of Blazin' Fiddles and he's recruited a stellar cast of top musicians to play on Gallop To Callop.

Iain MacFarlane (fiddle), Ingrid Henderson (clarsach), Ewen Henderson (fiddle, pipes), Allan Henderson (fiddle), Dermot Byrne (melodeon), Megan Henderson (fiddle, harmonium), Ewan Robertson (guitar), James Lindsay (double bass), Hamish Napier (flute, piano), and Iain MacDonald (whistle).

"This is the perfect album for lovers of Scottish traditional music. Iain MacFarlane writes and plays with a love and respect for the tradition and you can’t ask for much more than that." Dai Jeffries.

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