Iain MacFarlane And Ingrid Henderson - Cockerel In The Creel

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(May 2019)

10 Tracks: Cockerel In The Creel Reels * Waltzes: Fernlea / Maggies * Alistair, Dailbeag * Whisky Jigs * Flower O' The Quern * 2/4 Marches * Spring Valley Gardens * Harp Hornpipes * Bob Ramsay's Set * Bonniest Lass / Haughton House.

A superb album from multi-instrumentalists, and stalwarts of the traditional music world, Iain MacFarlane and Ingrid Henderson.

Together they create a sound which is reflective of the stunning, culture-rich Lochaber area they grew up in.

Based mainly on harp and fiddle, and mixing traditional and newly written material, they combine rousing marches, jigs and reels with poignant slow airs of love and loss, giving the listener a unique insight into the rich culture of the West Highlands.

"Stories of the derivation of tunes and recollections enrich MacFarlane's superbly fluent, always expressive way with a melody" Rob Adams, The Herald

"Ingrid is a musician of quite outstanding calibre, a virtuoso in terms of sensibility." Living Tradition

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