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(January 2012) 14 tracks: Hunter's Hill / C M Hall / D Morrison's Seven Thistles * Lord Leitrim / The Earl Of Thomond * Lonesome Dove * Naanie And Betty / A Yowe Cam Tae Wir Door Yarmin / Up And Doon Da Harbour * Midsommarvaka * Bovaglie's Plaid * Mansie's Threshing * Tommy Bhetty's / Emily's Waltz * Carolan's Concerto * Fugloy Isle * Egilsay Tune / Edwin Flaws O' Wyre * Jock Stewart * The Kilfodda / Christmas Eve * Geordie's Joyce.

The Orkney band's fiddle and mandolin led tunes and dialect songs are as distinctive as ever, and bound to delight their many fans.

Twenty years and four albums on Hullion still enjoy playing together, albeit with a few changes in line-up.

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