The Hudson Swan Band - Flyte of Fancy

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(1998) 12 tracks (57 mins): Brave Wolfe * Slaggan Bay * The Barleycorn (Jug of Brown Ale) * The Drummer Boy for Waterloo * Flyte of Fancy (The Nag's Head) * Are You Going to Leave Me? * The Fledgling * The Oakey Strike Eviction * Black Fox * Greenstone Point (Braigh Loch Iall) * Danny Dannielle * Johnny O'Braidislea (Beyond the River).

Hudson Swan (fiddle, bouzouki, guitars, bass, piano, synth, vocals), Sue Swan (vocals), Stevie Lawrence (percussion, whistle, bouzouki), Tony Howard (guitar, vocals) and Lindsey Smith (flute, piano, synth, vocals) with Leon Cave, Judy Dunsmore, Alise McLellan, Ian Goodier, John Saunders, John McLarty, Bob Gill and Tom Kirkpatrick.

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