Ho-Ro-Gheallaidh vol 4 - Session Tunes For Scottish Fiddlers

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Tunes: Cur Nan Gobhar * Albert Thomas’s 90th * Aly’s Waltz * Andy Brown’s Reel * Apples In Winter * Arthur Darley’s Swedish Jig * The Ass In The Graveyard * The Auld Hoose Gatherin' * The Banks Of Loch Gowna * Barney’s Balmoral * Bessie Brown * Billy Thom’s Reel * The Blacksmith’s Daughter * Bombay Dog * Buntàta ’s Sgadan* The Brumley Brae * The Burning House * The Cape Breton Fiddlers’ Welcome To The Shetland Isles * Carrie's Reel * Catharasis * Ciaran Tourish * The Concert Reel * Cooleys * Crabbit Shona * Da South End * Dillon Brown / Laington’s Reel * Doorus Mill * The Duck * Fàg A’ Phìob Bhochd * Farewell To Chernobyl * The Fisherman’s * Flashmac’s Skateboard * Green Gates * Hogtie’s Reel * The Humours Of Cork * In And Out The Harbour * Inisheer * Islay Jig * Jig Of The Clan Beag * The King Of The Mountains / Grandfather Mountain * Johsefin’s Waltz Julia Delaney * Kirsten’s Jig * Kitchen Girl * La Partida * Maids Of Mount Cisco * Metsakukkia * Milltimber * Miss Girdle * The Model T Jig * Mowing The Machair * Mozart On The Rampage * The Mug Of Brown Ale * The Musical Priest / North Brig Of Edinburgh * No More Cages * The Old Dutch Churn * On The Wings Of A Skorie * Osmosis * The Otter’s Holt * Paresis * Rakish Paddy * Rannie MacLennan * Reel Beatrice * Richard Dwyer’s * Rip / Tear The Calico * The Road to Sligo * The Salamanca * The Schoolhouse Jig * Sean Keane’s * The Silver Spear * Siobhan O’Donnell’s * Smoking In The Kitchen * Snaim A' Phosaidh * Stan Chapman’s * The Strayaway Child * The Swaggering Jig * Swinging On Home * Takin' the Mick * Terry "Cuz" Tehan’s * The Thornton Jig * Toss The Feathers * Traditional Jig * A Waltz For Kylin * The Waterbed * Wes And Maggie’s Ceilidh Croft * Whisky Shmisky * Willie Cumming’s Rant * The Wise Maid.

This session collection contains Scottish, Irish and more unusual tunes from Finland and Venezuela.

An essential addition to all fiddlers' Scottish repertoires.

Compiled and arranged by Christine Martin.

Book format A4 clear print in staff notation and chords.

"There are many contemporary Scottish tunes in this collection which celebrates a positive future for traditional Scottish Music." Christine Martin.

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