Ho-Ro-Gheallaidh - Session Tunes For Scottish Fiddlers vol 2

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Contents: The Acrobat Hornpipe * Ally Bally * Angus Campbell * Ashokan Farewell * The Banks Of Allan * The Blarney Pilgrim * The Bobers Of Brechin * The Boys Of Ballymote * The Boys Of Malin * The Braes Of Dunvegan * Branohm * The Butterfly * Caitlin Ni Aodha * Captain Campbell * Captain D. Stewart's Reel * Carnie's Canter * The Concertina * The Congress Reel * The Cup Of Tea * Da Ferry Reel * Daldownys * Davy Work * Dick Gossip's Reel * Dinkies * The Dismissal * Dowd's Reel * The Dusty Windowsills * The Earl's Chair * Easter Elchies * The Easy Club Reel * The Eavesdropper * The Forth Brig * The Forth Brig Reel * Gillian's Reel * Give Us A Drink Of Water * The Golden Eagle * The Hawk * The High Drive * The Highland Reel * Hughie Jim Paul * The Humours Of Tulla *The Hurdle Race * I Wish You Would Marry Me Now * Itchy Fingers * James F. Dickie * The Jig Run Rig * Jig Brest St. Marc * Kennedy Street March * The Kesh Jig * King Of The Fairies * Kissing Is The Best Of A' * The Kitchen Maid * Knockdhu Reel * The Laird Of Drumblair * Lay Dee At Dee * The Left Handed Fiddler * The Lemonville Jig * The Long Water * MacFadden's Reel * MacLaine Of Lochbuie's Reel * Memories Of Father Angus MacDonnell * Miss Campbell Of Sheerness * Miss Georgina Campbell * Miss Sarah MacFadyen * Mittens Breakdown * Mrs Charles Stewart * Pettyvaich * Mrs Dundas Of Arniston * The Mullindhu * The Newly Wed's Reel * Nine Pint Coggie * The North Shore * Old French * Paddy's Trip To Scotland * Pete Brady's Chubby Cheeks * The Poppy Leaf Hornpipe * The Price Of A Pig * Prince Charlie * Return To Milltown * The Rocky Road To Dublin * Rona Morgana * Rory MacLeod * Ruileadh Chailleach * The Seagull * 'S e Mo Chas Chrubach * The Shetland Fiddler * The Silver Spire * Sligo Maid * Snug In A Blanket * The Song Of The Chanter * The Spirit Of Pulteney * The Spoot O' Skerry * The Sweetness Of Mary *The Teetotaller * Tom McKerron's Reel * Thunderhead * A Traditional Jig * Trip To Sligo * The Trippers.

A second collection, in a series of Session Tune books for fiddlers, ideal for session playing.

Lively reels, hornpipes, jig, marches and airs, a little more advanced that those in the Ceilidh Collection series.

Suitable for sessions... advanced fiddle groups, bands, concerts, festivals and SQA exams.

A few of the tunes use 3rd and 5th position.

Includes chords, bowings, and metronome markings for tempo.

Compiled and arranged by Christine Martin and Anne Hughes.

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