Hedy West - Ballads And Songs From The Appalachians

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(July 2011) 41 tracks

Among the best women singers of the American folksong revival, coming from North Georgia.

CD1: Gambling Man * Fair Rosamund * Barbara Allen * Old Joe Clark * The Coal Miner's Child * The Wife Wrapt In Wether's Skin * Brother Ephus * Polly * The Davison-Wilder Blues * Lament For Barney Graham * The Rich Irish Lady * Shut Up In The Mines At Coal Creek * The Wife Of Usher's Well * The House Carpenter * Pretty Saro * Old Smokey * Blow Ye Gentle Winds * My Soul's Full Of Glory * Promised Land * Over There * Little Matty Groves.

CD2: Rake And Rambling Boy * Joe Bowers * Whistle Daughter Whistle * I'm An Old Bachelor * Johnny Sands * My Good Old Man * Frankie Silvers * Lee Tharin's Bar Room * The Foggy Dew * The Girl I Left In Danville * The Unquiet Grave * Beaulampkin * Down In Adairsville * The Sheffield Apprentice * Lucy Wan * Little Sadie * The Cruel Mother * Love Henry * The Texan Ranger * George Collins.

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