Griogair Labhruidh - Dail-riata

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(July 2007) 12 tracks: Oran Do'n Mhoraine * Norman MacLean * Cairistiona * Siubhal A' Choire * The Maids of Jura * Clach Eanraig * Na Brogan Dannsaidh * Airde Chuain * Single Jigs * Dail-riata * Seanduine Doite * Marbhrann Do Dh'Uilleam Labhruidh.

A bold debut release from a young man with a great future ahead of him, and a great musical family.

His rich voice is supported by a host of top musicians: Iain MacDonald, Allan Henderson, Neil Johnstone, Will Lamb, Allan MacDonald, Kathleen MacInnes..

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