Gren Bartley - Songs To Scythe Back The Overgrown

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(March 2012) 13 tracks: Leaving Our Mark * My Time Is Nearly Over * Kings And Queens * Start Up Again * Can't Finish What I Started * Sweet Traveller * Victims Of Time * A Descent * Four In The Morning * Slow Train * The Last Time I Saw Richard * Holding Lilies * To The Coast.

Debut solo album from this prolific songwriter, bridging the Atlantic with an acoustic spectrum of English tunes to American folk and blues.

Gren was on the folk club and festival circuit with Tom Kitching in a successful duo and has now branched out on his own with sparkling guitar playing and a strong, maturing voice.

Twelve self-penned songs and one borrowed. He says the album is a result of an inexplicable dream he had whilst running a temperature, when he visualised the fully formed CD from packaging to tracks, even those he hadn't yet written!

Gren Bartley (vocals, guitar, banjo, ebow, harmonica, slide guitar), Andy Whittle (piano, harmonica, organ), Katriona Gilmore (fiddle, vocals), Robert Hallard (vocals).

"As an acoustic finger-picking guitar and banjo player, he has few if any equals in his age group; as an acoustic rooted-in-folk writer, he's developing an alarmingly good canon of work." R2 Magazine.

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