Greg Russell And Ciaran Algar - The Call

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(July 2014)

12 Tracks: Roses Three * The Silent Jigs * Royal Comrade * The Workhouse * Rose In June * The Cockfight * Absent Friends * Away From The Pits * The Call And Answer * Cold Missouri Waters * George's * A Season In Your Arms.

An impressive second album from this talented folk duo who continue to develop their own unique style.

A fine collection of songs and tunes that the duo enjoy performing. Songs by James Keelaghan, Mick Ryan and Ciaran's dad, Chris.

Greg and Ciaran received the Horizon Award for Best breakthrough act at the 2014 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards.

Greg Russell (vocals, guitar, bouzouki, concertina), Ciaran Algar (guitar, bouzouki, bodhran, tenor banjo, harmony vocals). Elly Lucas (harmony vocals), Dave Russell (bass guitar track 1), Jeana Leslie (piano), Cumbrian Two Chaps Choir: Robert Hallard, Andy Hughes (harmony vocals).

"The Call is a major leap forward for this young duo, that thouroughly endorses their burgeoning reputation." Iain Croft.

"An outstanding show of maturity with enormous promise." Bright Young Folk.

"It's that sense of enjoyment that comes shining through and that is something for us all to revel in. If this is The Call, the response is a resounding, "Yes!" Simon Holland, Folk Radio News.

"We have worked hard to create a record which is a representation of the music we create, and thus can be reproduced honestly at live performances." Greg Russell And Ciaran Algar.

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