Greentrax 30th Anniversary Collection -The Special Projects

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(July 2016)

2016 is the 30th Anniversary of Greentrax Recordings Ltd. This double CD has been selected from the 'special projects'of the past 30 years and celebrates this milestone.

CD1: The Sands O' The Shore (Scots Women led by Heather Heywood) * Donald Maclean’s Farewell To Oban Set (Aly Bain MBE And Phil Cunningham MBE) * - Keep Right On To The End Of The Road / It’s A Long Way To Tipperary / Pack Up Your Troubles (The Scottish Pals Singers) * The Last Trip Home (Dick Gaughan) * Moon River (Siobhan Miller)* Zagreb / Vigo (Tony McManus, Alain Genty And Soig Siberil) * O Teannaibh Dluth Is Togaibh Fonn (Catherine-Ann MacPhee) * Peatbog Soldiers (The McCalmans) * Both Sides The Tweed (Mairi Campbell And Jack Evans) * Heavy Horses (Robin Laing) * The Gael Set (Eilidh Shaw, Kathryn Nicoll, Mary Ann Kennedy, Jack Evans, Ian Hardie And Duncan MacGillivray) * Field Of Bannockburn (Sylvia Barnes And Sandy Stanage) * The Fisherman's Wife (Janet Russell And Christine Kydd) * Jigs (Bell's Big Ceilidh Band) * Santa Bloody Claus (Eric Bogle).

CD2: Canan Nan Gaidheal (Scottish Women led by Ishbel MacAskill) * The High Reel Set (Alasdair Fraser And Natalie Haas) * The Rovin' Dies Hard (Brian McNeill ) * The Bonny Moorhen (Heather Heywood) * The Piper And The Maker (Mairi Campbell And Hamish Moore) * Tusitala (Benny Gallagher) * The Shian Road (Isla St Clair) * The 51st Highland Division's Farewell To Sicily (Hamish Henderson) * The Flooers O' The Forest (Gary West) * The End Of An Auld Song (Eric Bogle) * The White Cockade (Jean Redpath MBE) * The Dark Island Medley (Mairearad Green, Jack Evans And Dougie Pincock) * The Jolly Beggar (Lizzie Higgins) * Ye Jacobites By Name Set (The Pipes And Drums The 1st Battalion The Black Watch) * Bass Drone Blitz (Gordon Duncan).

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