Green Goblin - Passing Place

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(August 2013) 11 tracks: Rock N Roll * Making Bad Love Feel Good * Basket Chair Lane * Ladiesman * Maiden Of The Waters * Free To Breathe * Absent Without Leave * Old Joe Clark * Beachcomber Bay * Fight The Fear * Vaporised.

This album has an original fresh sound, with a mix of musical styles ranging from Bluegrass to Rock, Jazz to Traditional.

Green Goblin are a Glasgow, Perth, Newcastle based Scottish band with their own distinctive style and material.

Singer-songwriter Jim Duncan and his band GreenGoblin have re-released their album Passing Place after playing together for the first time in a number of years.

A talented Jazztasticelticgrassrockband!

Green Goblin: Jim Duncan (guitar, vocals), Steven McCluskey (5 string banjo), Jason Wotherspoon (5 string bass guitar), Thomas Neharry (drums).

Honorary Goblin's: Steven Johnstone (piano, keyboard), David Grier (acoustic guitar), John Reischman (mandolin), Rob Ickes (dobro), Aidan O'Rourke (fiddle), Stod (washboard), Margaret Duncan (vocals).

"These guys have pushed away the borders to create an album that moves from moody and introspective to stormy and rocking!"
Tony Furtado.

"These guys definitely have something special." Sean Purser, Producer, BBC Scotland.

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