Greater Glasgow Police Scotland Pipe Band - Ceolry

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13 Tracks: Hornpipes: Mrs Lillian Magee / White Mountain Weasel / The Ramnee Ceilidh * Mabou Jig Set: Ronald Mackenzie Of Milton And Mabou / Archie McNab / 9/8 Jig / The Judges Dilemma * Gaelic Songs: Fraoch A Ronaigh /Thug Mi Gaol Dhut, Thug Mi Gradh / Hi Ho Leagain *Solo Pipe Set Scott Barrie: McKerrals Fancy / Barry Brougham's Beard / Doctor MacPhail's Reel / Back Of The Moon / Banjo Breakdown * Gaelic March Set: Morag Leat Shiubhlainn / Mal Na Mara / The Road To Loch Nam Bairneas / Hug Oreann O Ro Gur Toigh Fhin Thu * Drummers Fanfare: The Front Row Duck * Strathspey And Jig Set: Back To Glasgow And Back To Back Again / Bridge To Jig / Miss Campbell Of Sheerness / The Eavesdropper / The Humours Of Whiskey / Old Womans Dance / The Shepherd And Goatherd / The Gathering * Slow Reel: Farley Bridge * Slow Air, Strathspey And Reel Set: Lightly Swims The Swan / Miss Victoria Ross(Strathspey) /Miss Victoria Ross (Reel) /Lady Margaret Stewart / Port A Beul / Lord McConnell Of Lough Erne And Lochend * Solo Pipe Set Scott Giffin: The Silver Creek / Bernera Bridge / Nightmare On Ringhaddy Avenue / A’Direadh ‘sa Tearnadh na Beinne Moire * WW1 Set: The Battle Of The Somme / Letter To His Lover / WW1 Waltz / An Eala Bhan * Set Of Reels: He Mandu / The Traditional Reel / The Pitnacree Ferryman / Screapadal Schottishe / Quirang Quickstep / Sandy Cameron / Sandy Duff / He Mandu * 6/8 March: Auld Adam.

The Greater Glasgow Police Scotland Pipe Band recorded live at the annual Pre-World's Concert from the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

A spectacular feast of piping led by Pipe Major Duncan Nicholson, leading Drummer Eric Ward and the Greater Glasgow Police Scotland Pipe in concert.

This most prestigious pipe band concert is hosted and promoted by the Glasgow Skye Association Pipe Band every year.

The guests "The Police" have strong influences to their music which reflects the highland bagpipe legacy of the North West Highlands and Western Isles.

This album is aptly named...the word 'Ceolry' is an adaptation of the Gaelic adjective 'Ceolraidh' which means 'musical'.

The Gaelic influence is reflected in the title of the concert "CEOLRY" and also by the prevalence of many Gaelic tune names in the programme.

The dynamic mix of traditional tunes is blended with creative percussion and inspired but subtle accompaniment from backing musicians.

Members Pipe Major Duncan Nicholson, Pipe Sgt Iain Macpherson, Mathew Anderson, Scott Barrie, John Bowes, Andrew Brodlie, John Brown, Olly Brownlie, Alisdair Crook, Ross Forrest, Mark Garner, Bill Geddes, Scott Giffin, Michael Grey, Euan Grierson, James Harper, Ewan Henderson, Stuart McCallum, Iain MacDonald, Graham McKay, Donald McKillop, Ally Mclaughlan, Neil McNaughton, Syd Moore, James Rosie, Ciaran Sinclair, Ross Stewart, Cameron Strain, Steven Leask, Leading Tenor: Lynne Ward, Andy McPherson, Gemma Carnwath, Hayley Galbraith, Lynsey McLauchlan,Kenny Stoddart, Erin Ward, Niall West, Leading Drummer: Eric Ward, Thomas Barrie, Stephen Burns, Gregor Davidson,Donald McFadyen, Neil Patterson, William Corkindale, Allan MacDonald Snr, David Sheridan, Cameron Ward, Colin Wilson.

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