Gordon Pattullo - The Accordion

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The latest album from Perthshire based accordion master Gordon Pattullo.

Gordon is a frequent Guest Artiste at Accordion & Fiddle clubs and is in demand as a solo performer, band leader, teacher, and composer.

Gordon is a frequent Guest Artiste at Accordion & Fiddle clubs.

This album features a sparkling selection of waltz's polka's, jigs and Continental music.

15 Tracks: Jacqueline Polka * Gillian Irving's Waltz * Irish Jigs * Moge (French Musette Waltz) * Le Two Step D'Armand * Caroline's Dream * Wienerschnitzel Polka (German Polka) * Cowboy Lullaby * Black And White Rag * The Chanter * Stubete im Loosmuhle (Swiss Landler) * Canadian Two Step * Questa e Napoli (Italian Melody) * Leaving Craigearn * Bruremarsjen (Norwegian Wedding March).

Gordon Pattullo (accordion), John Crawford (piano), Brian Cruiskshank(bass Guitar), Billy Young (guitar, banjo,mandolin), Malcolm Ross (drums), Angela MacEachern (fiddle), Dougie Stevenston (pedal steel guitar).

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