Gordon Pattullo - Key Change

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(November 2019)

15 Tracks: Derek's March / Sandy Smith O'Tarland * Islay Hart * Anna MacEachern / Geordie Greig's March * The Centennial Foxtrot / Pete's Country Classic * David Stoakes / Ian Kennedy's 80th Birthday / Christy MacEachern * The Dundee Military Tattoo / Bill Powrie * The Ron Mollin's Two Step * Alabama Jubilee * Eleanor And Scott Symon's Birthday Waltz / Catriona's 21st Birthday Waltz * Bert And Agnes Smith's Diamond Wedding / Margaret Fae Sma' Acre / Mitten's Breakdown * The Balintore Fishermen * Red Wing Polka / Silver Bells Polka * Duncan MacEachern / Doug Stewart Of Methven * Side Saddle / Bob Colvin's Reel * The Furrows End.

Latest release from Perthshire based accordion master Gordon Pattullo.

Gordon is one of the busiest accordionists in Scotland. He is in great demand as a solo performer, band leader, teacher, accordion tuner, composer and guest artiste at Accordion & Fiddle clubs.

Accordions used in this recording:
Victoria 420V Professional - Tracks 1,3,5,9,10,12.
Fistalia 34.34 TC - Tracks 4,8,14.
Hohner Morino 5555 - Tracks 7,13.
Hohner Shand Morino -Tracks 2,6,11,15.

Musicians: Gordon Pattullo (accordions), Alan Kitchen (piano), Brian Cruickshank (bass guitar), Billy Young (guitars), Malcolm Ross (drums track 4).

" I grew up listening to the button keyed accordion as my father played melodeon and I was always intrigued and wanted to learn. However, the piano accordion has been part of my life for many years and it's only recently that I decided to see if I could make the key change from piano to button. So, on this recording ther are 4 sets that I enjoy playing on my Shand Morino including Furrows End which gives the tune a change of timbre." Gordon Pattullo

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