Gordon Pattullo - Flowers of Edinburgh

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(December 2003) 16 tracks: Harry Lauder Medley: Stop Yer Ticklin' Jock / I Love A Lassie / Roamin' In The Gloamin' / Just A Wee Deoch and Doris * Medley: Blackthorn Stick / Jackson's Jig / Saint Patrick's Day / Roarin' Jelly / Irish Washerwoman * Bonnie Lass O' Bon Accord * Medley: The Rowan Tree / Marquis Of Huntley's Farewell/ Archie Menzies * The Bluebird Polka * Lair Of Drumblair / Mason's Apron * Medley: We Parted On The Shore / Annie Laurie / Loch Lomond / I Belong To Glasgow * Medley: Flowers Of Edinburgh / Miss Monaghan / Far From Home / Bottom Of The Punch Bowl / Andy Stewart Medley: Scottish Soldier / Road And The Miles To Dundee / Take Me Back / Campbeltown Lock / Muckin' O' Geordie's Byre / Donald Where's Yer Troosers? / Wild Rover * Danny Boy * Medley: Old Rustic Bridge / Battle Of The Somme / Black Bear * Annie's Song * Medley: Seven Stars / My Dungannon Sweetheart / Jean's Reel * Medley: There Was A Lad / Duncan Gray / A Man's A Man / Corn Riggs / Star O'Rabbie Burns * Under The Double Eagle * Medley: MacDonald's Away To The War / Charlie Hunter / The Canty Auld Man / Am Shine.

Accordion favourites.

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