Golden Bough - Celtic Music From Ireland, Scotland And Brittany

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(March 2019)

CD1: 17 Tracks: The Collaraine Jig / Sharks' Favourite / Far From Home / Maids Of Mt. Cisco * The Brewer Lad * Farewell To Whisky * Country Life * The Stolen Child * One Morning In Spring / Hunting The Hare * John Barleycorn * She Moved Through The Fair * Breton Tunes * Song Of The Swan Maiden * The Merchant's Son / Who Made Your Breeches? * Lullaby * The Cold North Wind * The Carrion Crow * Follow Me Down * The Rattlin' Bog * Fond Farewells.

CD2: 17 Tracks: Song Of The Fisher Lassies / Blast of Wind * The Power Of The Harp * Lady Owen's Delight / Eleanor Plunkett / My Bonnie Boy * The Calling Of The Road * The Witch Of West-Mer-Lands * The Blind Harper Of Lochmaben * The Lark In The Clear Air * The Blarney Pilgrim / The Merry Blacksmith * The Last Leviathan * Doue Lan A Vadeleh / Ar Serjant Major / Jan en Piet * Logs To Burn * Lovely Molly * One Bottle More / Humors Of Winter / Apples In Winter * Mairi's Wedding * My Little Boat * Black Jack Davy / The Drunken Piper * The Parting Song.

A double CD featuring the group Golden Bough who present a mix of lively Celtic Music, soft ballads, traditional instrumentals and original songs.

The group has achieved international popularity and acclaim following their appearances at folk festivals and concerts, on radio and TV throughout Europe and the US.

The CD booklet provides the lyrics for all the songs.

Released 2018 Arc Music Productions.

Golden Bough are: Paul Espinoza (vocals, guitar, octave-mandolin, mandola, accordion, chimes,acoustic guitar-bass, vocal arrangements), Margie Butler (vocals, Celtic folk harp, Neo-Celtic harp, recorder, tin whistle, Irish Concert whistle, bodhran, Norwegian tussfloyte, percussion), Florie Brown (vocals, violin, viola, madolin, nychelharpa), Lief Sorbye (vocals, octave-mandolin, mandolin, mandola, guitar, acoustic guitar-bass, flute, bodhran, percussion).

Guest musicians: Pablo Carcamo (double bass), Zsolt Nagy (viola), Albert Mohacsy (double bass), Istvan Beran (tarogato (oboe). Simon Spalding (violin, viola, mandolin, contra-bass balalaika, bodhran), Margot Duxler (violin, viola, finger-cymbals).

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