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(April 2019)

14 Tracks: When The Boys Come Rolling Home * Bonnie Caledonia * Raggle Taggle Gypsy * Your Welcome, Willy Stewart * Bill Taylor * The Highland Set * Donal, Where's Your Trousers? * Hey Johnny Cope / Brenda Stubbert's Reel * Charlie, He's A Dandy * The Wren Boys / Gavin's Hornpipe / Honeysuckle *Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye * The Birkin Tree * Catharsis / Tam Lin * Flower Of Scotland.

An album of both traditional and original songs by Celtic group Golden Bough.

Multi-part harmony singing and a wide range of instruments, such as Celtic harps, violin, accordion, mandolin, bouzouki, guitars, tin whistle, bodhran.

Complete lyrics in the CD booklet.

"This group has more fun and produces more good music than anyone we have seen in many a year." - Russ Hagen, Editor, Oregon Coast Magazine

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