The City Of Glasgow Philharmonic Orchestra - Great Viennese Classics

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(February 2009) The Opera Ball * Radetsky March * Anvil Polka * Cuckoo Polka * Die Fledermaus * Chatterbox Polka * Pizzicato Polka * Champagne Polka * Clear Track Polka * The Dragonfly * Trisch Trasch Polka * Salute The Magyars Polka * Thunder & Lightning Polka * Bandit Galop * Perpetuum Mobile * Blue Danube Waltz.

The Classics Collection taken from the radio transmissions of the Pops At The Philharmonic concerts at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

Outstanding performances from the Glasgow Philharmonic, conducted by Iain Sutherland.

Viennese waltzes, polkas and more.

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