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(May 2012) 10 tracks: Thogail A' Bhuntat' * Grinn Donn Sgiobalta * Laighinn Leat * O Mhairi 'S Tu Mo Mhairi * Traigh Ghriais * Broyges Tantz * Do M' Cheile * Peacocks And Pearls * Moch Diluain Ghabh I 'N Cuan * Kitty Alice.

First solo album from Gillie, whose music is notably influenced by the traditions and culture of the people of Lewis and from the Lothians.

Some traditional and some self penned Scottish Gaelic songs, with a wee bit of English.

Gillie was awarded the Mod God Medal for solo singing at the National Mod in Govan in 1990, which led to invitations to sing at various concerts and on television and radio programmes and to teach at Fèisean.

Griais is the Gaelic name for the village, Gress, where Gilly grew up, surrounded by lots of songs, stories and beautiful landscapes.

Gillie MacKenzie (vocals), Mhairi Hall (piano, harmonium), Alasdair White (fiddle, whistle), Ewan MacPherson (guitars, mandolin, tamboura, harmonium), James Mackintosh (percussion), Ailig Hunter (bass), Amy Geddes (viola).

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