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(January 2000) 12 tracks: Lonely Belnahua, Someday We'll See Them, No More Stravaigin', My Love is Like a Red Red Rose, The Final Trawl, Do You Think I Do Not Know, Sister Maureen's Waltz, The Last Of The Tinkler, George Campbell, Blackwaterside, Scarborough Settlers Lament, Carrickfergus, Will Ye No Come Back Again.

Gibb Todd has been a familiar face on the traditional music scene since the folk revival of the 1960's and has toured extensively with various groups in Denmark, Germany, Australia, the UK and the United States with several prolonged residencies in Bermuda. In Scotland, Gibb is perhaps best known through his tours with The Dubliners and The Fureys, working also with Finbar Furey solo and with Rorinie Drew since his departure from the Dubs. He is also a regular performer at the highly successful Celtic Connections festival which takes place in Glasgow throughout January.

Produced by the Battlefield Band's John McCusker, the album features contributions from John Shehan of The Dubliners, Finbar Furey, Alasdair Fraser, Kate Rusby, Tony McManus, Joannie Madden of Cherish the Ladies, Elspeth Cowie, Fraser Spiers, Corrina Hewat and Malcolm Stitt.

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