Gerry O'Connor - Last Night's Joy

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(November 2018)

11 Tracks: Last Night's Joy (Reels) * The Old Dash Churn (Jigs) * O'Reilly's Greyhound (Reels) * Badai Na Scadain (Air) * The Hawk And The Hare (Jig And Polska) * Mixing The Porridge (Single Jigs) * Stereo Connor (Polkas) * Earl Of Hyndford (Reels) * Dads And Lads (Slip Jigs) * Corratistune Rose (Air & Hornpipe) * O'Connor4 (Reels).

Long known as Gerry 'Fiddle' O'Connor, this is one fiddler whose pulse is quickened by the sheer delight in the tunes.

On this, his 2nd solo recording, Gerry draws from a wide range of sources.

The album is produced by Gerry’s son Dónal O'Connor and features a veritable who's who of traditional music - Séamie O’Dowd, Niall Hanna, Neil Martin and Seán Óg Graham amongst others.

Dónal O'Connor (piano) tracks 2,3,4,8,11; (fiddle) 9,11; (tenor guitar) 8, Niall Hanna (guitar):1,2,6, Séamie O’Dowd (guitar): 5,7, Mairtin O'Connor (accordion): 5,11, Gerry O'Conner (banjo): 7,11, Neil Martin (cello):4,6,10, Seán Óg Graham (guitar):10, Dermot Moynagh (bodhran).

"If some enterprising soul could bottle the spirit of Gerry O'Connor and market it as a panacea, then universal good health would inevitably ensue" - Songlines.

"This disc is so much more than just another album of tunes outstandingly well played. The sense of total immersion in the music-making and the joy that brings is communicated par excellence. The album title may seem to betoken that it's but a memento of Last Night's Joy: well this may be, but it's joy for this night too, and indeed for any time this sparkling disc remains on the player. And, I may say, in abundance!" David Kidman, Folk Radio.

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