Gerda Stevenson - Night Touches Day

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(February 2015)

13 Tracks: We Can Imagine * Astronaut's Waltz * Machu Picchu * All The Prayer * Auld Wumman's Sang * I Come To You * Papa's Leaving * Breathe In, Breathe Out * Hard To Say It * The Other Side * If My Car Was Automatic * It's Ower * Aye The Gean.

A delightful debut album from Gerda Stevenson showcasing her skills as a singer/songwriter.

Gerda Stevenson is best known as a Scottish actor and writer, and has worked over 30 years on stage television and radio.

Recorded at Castlesound Studios and produced by Mattie Foulds.

Sleeve notes includes lyrics for the song.

Gerda Stevenson (vocals, Tibetan singing bowls), James Ross (piano), Kyrre Slind (guitar, mandolin, lute, banjo), Konrad Wiszniewsi (saxophone), Seylan Baxter (cello), Rob MacNeacail (bass guitar, harmonium), Inge Thomson (accordion).

"Gerda Stevenson possesses one of the most naturally expressive singing voices I've heard in many a year. A pure crystal clear tone and a rare ability to control the vocal right down to the merest whisper of sound; pitch perfect and unwavering. Add to that, a growing passion and obvious ability to write her own individual songs and you witness the talents of someone who truly deserves to be heard, and share her music on a much larger platform." Rory Macdonald.

"Took my breath away. It's extraordinarily good, quite stunning songwriting…singing and arrangements are impeccable…full of lovely wee quirks and surprises, and it regularly caught me out by going to places totally unexpected but totally right. Braw, braw wark, aathegither." Dick Gaughan.

"Her debut album consists entirely of self-written material, and it’s notable for the quality of her vocal work, and for the storytelling skills in her wildly varied songs." Robin Denselow, Folk Review, The Guardian.

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