George Formby -Turned Out Nice Again

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PAL only (UK/Eur/Aus)

Region: 0 (worldwide)

(May 2017)

CD1: Chinese Laundry Blues * Do De O Do * I Told My Baby With My Ukulele * With My Little Ukulele In My Hand * Sitting On The Ice In The Ice Rink * Why Don't Women Like Me * Sunbathin' In The Park * Swimmin' With The Wimmin' * My Ukelele * The Wedding Of My Wu * In A Little Wigan Garden * It's No Use Looking At Me * The Best Of Schemes * Madame Moscovitch * Fanlight Fanny * I Do Do Things I Do * The Isle Of Man * Riding In The T.T.Races * Pleasure Cruise * The Wash-House At The Back * When I'm Cleaning Windows * The Lancashire Toreador * The Window Cleaner No.2 * When We Feather Our Nest * I Could Make A Good Living At That.

CD2: Leaning On A Lampost * Auntie Maggie's Remedy * With My Little Stick Of Blackpool Rock * A Farmer's Boy * Home Guard Blues * Guarding The Home Of The Home Guard * The Barmaid At The Rose And Crown * Delivering The Morning Milk * Andy The Handy Man * Mr.Wu's A Window Cleaner Now * You Can't Stop Me From Dreaming * Our Sergeant Major * Oh Dear Major * Thanks Mister Roosevelt * The Lad From Lancashire * It's Turned Out Nice Again * I'm The Ukulele Man * Mr Wu's An Air Raid Warden Now * Spotting On Top Of Blackpool Tower * Down The Old Coal Hole * Blackpool Prom * Our Fanny's Gone All Yankee * You Don't Need A License For That * Happy Go Lucky Me * Banjo Boy.

DVD: The Friday Show, 16th December 1960 · George tells his life story and makes a few confessions.

Songs: It Serves You Right (You Shouldn't Have Joined) * Down The Old Coal Hole * Sitting On The Ice In The Ice Rink * Swim Little Fish * Goodnight, Little Fellow, Goodnight * Guarding The Home Guards' Home * Medley (Chinese Laundry Blues / When I'm Cleaning Windows / Leaning On A Lamp Post).

A 2 CD and DVD pack that celebrates the best of George Formby, one of the biggest British entertainment stars of the 20th century.

The CD has 50 of his recordings. Digitally re-mastered, all the hits are included as well as many songs from his popular films.

The DVD: His last show televised in 1960, George combines performing his most famous songs with archive footage and surprisingly tells some home truths. Included also are clips from his contribution to the war efforts where his cheeky optimism and cheerful songs entertained the troops on the front line.

In Frank Skinner's recent BBC4 documentary he shows how Formby's influence and popularity continues in Britain today. In many schools throughout the country the traditional recorder has been replaced as the musical instrument to learn with the ukulele, the instrument George made famous.

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