Gearoidin Breathnach - Gra Mo Chroi An Oige

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(September 2013) 12 tracks: Mo Mhadadh Beag * Cruacha Glas Na hEireann * Cad E Sin Don Te Sin * Labhair An Teanga Ghaeilge * Bog Braon Don tseanduine * Tuirne Mhaire * Siobhan Ni Dhuibhir * Gardaí An Ri * Cill Aodain * A Stor A Stor A Ghra * Oro Se Do Bheatha Abhaile * Preab San Ol.

An interesting collection of twelve traditional Irish songs, suitable for children, well showcased by fine singer Gearoidin Breathnach. Most of the songs Gearoidin learned from her late mother,Treasa John Chit Ni Chonaill, from Leitir Catha in the Donegal Highland.

During visits to schools in the Donegal area, it became apparent to Gearoidin that teachers were clearly looking for material to use with their students. The idea for this CD was born and this is the result...a super resource.

Gearoidin understands the importance of passing these songs on for future generations to carry forward and enjoy.

Over half of the songs are sung a cappella and the others with Lisa Philbin providing piano accompaniment. A booklet includes words of songs but not English translations.

"In this collection, Gearoidin Breathnach is doing her community a great service. She is making songs available again that we all learned at school in a way that schoolchildren of all ages will enjoy." Lillis O'Laoire.

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