Geantrai - Live Session Recordings From The TV Series

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(February 2009) (65 mins) The Gleanntan Reel * Jig For Jimmy * Bill Sullivan's Polka * George White's Favourite * An Ciarraioch Mallaithe * The Steamboat * Rose In The Gap * The Star Of Brittany * Far From Home * Neainsin Bhan * The Gooseberry Bush * Bean Dubh A' Ghleanna * The New Road * Step It Out Joe * All The Ways You Wander * Taim In Arrears * The Orange And Blue * Old Tipperary * Davaney's Goat.

Top Irish musicians and bands.

Stars of the Irish music scene, captured in live sessions around Ireland for the TV series of the same name.

Featuring the likes of Boys Of The Lough, At The Racket, Joe Burke & Matt Molloy, Jackie Daly, Mairtin O'Connor and many more.

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