Gavin Pennycook - Octave Fiddle - Baritone Violin

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(March 2014)

13 Tracks: Loftus Jones * Miss Admiral Gordon / Lady Ann Hope * The Heathery Cruach / Miss Shepherd / Green Grow The Rashes O * Rondo Alla Turca * Drunk At Night And Dry In The Morning / The Munster Cloak * Fyvie Castle * Grannens Favorite / Koukkulammin Polka * Getingen / The Presbyterian Hornpipe * The Gold Ring / The Monaghan Jig * The Kerry Woman's Lament * In the Hall Of The Mountain King / The Fur Elise Reel * The Green Hills Of Tyrol / Return To Miltown * The Magic Of The Rush / Viktorin.

A unique album devoted to the octave fiddle from award winning fiddle master Gavin Pennycook.

Essentially traditional music with Gavin's arrangement of a few classical pieces.

Gavin is a skilful player who combines elements of Irish, Scottish, Scandinavian and many other styles of fiddling into his repertiore.

The octave fiddle is a regular acoustic fiddle strung with octave strings, with a range between the viola and the cello, creating an ancient sound.

He learned to play fiddle and whistle with Frank McArdle of St Roch's Ceili Band in Glasgow.

Gavin has enjoyed much success... he was the first Scotsman to win an All Ireland fiddle title and in 2012 the Amber Fiddle Award / Niel Gow International Fiddle Composition Award.

With Ewan MacPherson (guitar), John Morran (guitar).

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