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(March 2019)

11 Tracks: The Doctors Orders * Welcome To New York * Sheerwater * The Alpha Runrig * Starlight * The Valley Superstar * Swan Song * The Howler * Trade Winds * Dream Fields * Persistence Pays Off.

A creative third solo album from Gary Innes, musician, composer and popular presenter of BBC Radio Scotland's music programme, Take the Floor.

This album release includes three self-penned songs and tunes that accentuates his talents as a composer.

With support from an impressive line-up of Scottish talent... 'Swan Song' features the unique vocals of Karen Matheson, 'Dream Fields' Ross Wilson (Blue Rose Code) and 'Starlight' Gary himself sings.

An accordionist and 2017’s MG Alba Scots Trad Awards Instrumentalist of the Year winner, Gary is one of the founding members of award-winning Scottish supergroup Mànran.

Gary Innes (accordion, vocals (Starlight), Ali Hutton (guitar, bagpipes (tracks 2,11), Angus Lyon (keys), Conal McDonagh (uilleann pipes, flute, whistle), Damien O'Kane (banjo tracks 2,6,11), Ewen Henderson (fiddle, strings (track 10), Fraser Speirs (harmonica tracks 3,5,9), James Lindsay (double bass), Karen Matheson (vocals (Swan Song), Ross Wilson (vocals (Dream Fields), Steven Byrnes (drums, bouzouki (track 7).

"It's always so nice to have the music that you've written be recorded onto an album and shared. Having a 12-year gap between my first album How's the Craic and my second album ERA allowed me to take the time not only to write new material but also to think about what I wanted from a solo album. Each tune and song on Imminent is a window into my life at the moment and I have written about what is really important to me. All of the music and lyrics hold their own character and story and of course the title relates to the imminent arrival of our first born so it really is a very personal collection of work." Gary Innes.

"The title relates to the imminent arrival of Gary and his wife's first child this spring. The album weaves in and out of melodies and tracks that have been written and composed by Gary himself – a multitude of self-penned work that clearly resonate with Gary as he explores the joy and happiness that life brings with it, as well as the trials and tribulations that are so often interwoven." Kenny Smith, Scottish Field.

"Swan Song is not only beautiful, you would after all not expect anything less from the two performers involved, but it is majestically haunting, it is a rare piece of music that attempts and succeeds in capturing the image of honour, whilst at all times framing the sympathy required of the pain faced of those not ready to attend their final moments." Liverpool Sound and Vision.

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