Garioch Fiddlers - Heart Of The Garioch

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(May 2011) 21 tracks: Dornoch Links/Invercauld/Scotland Is My Hame/Iain MacPhail's Compliments To The Late Chrissie Letham * The Jiggernaut/The Fittie Boatman/The Earl Of Dunmore * Dr. James Donaldson/Mrs Rita Jamieson/Phil Cunningham's Reel * Peter Pratt's Polka/Maggie Ann Nicolson/Norma's Wedding * Ciel D'automne/Sabhal Iain 'Ic Uisdean/Devil In The Kitchen/Jenny Dang The Weaver * The Golden Globetrotters * Jock Tamson's Hornpipe/The Gypsy Hornpipe/The Man From Newry/The Firefly * Bert Morgan * The Ton/Breadalbane Reel/Pat Shaw's Tradition/Beth Wilson's Delight * TheFlower O' The Quern/Harvest Home Hornpipe/The Countess Of Sutherland * The Directors/Stepping It Lightly * Mrs E. M. Ross's Welcome To Kiltarlity Cottage/The Brig O' Potarch/Mains Of Gartly * Louis' Waltz/The Marino Waltz * The Battle Of Harlaw/Tug Argan Gap * O'Carolan's Concerto/Push The Hog's Foot A Little Further Into The Fire/June Apple/Macilmoyle * Mrs Garthland's Strathspey/Jessie Smith/Mrs Blair Of Blair/South Inch House * Duke Of Atholl's Reel/Peter's Peerie Boat/The Sailor's Wife/Kenmures Up An Awa * Bingfield March/Kielder Stone * Uncle Joshua * La Grande Chaine/The Crooked Stovepipe/Waiting For The Federals/Liberty Two-Step * Gadie Rins

Full of great tunes, skilfully arranged and played. Dorothy Ferguson's last recording before retiring as conductor after 25 years.

Garioch is pronounced "Gearie" (rhyming with "dearie"). The Garioch is an area of the countryside in Aberdeenshire that takes in their home base of Inverurie.

The distinctive sound of the Garioch Fiddlers is due to the musical arrangements/harmonies written by conductor, musical director and and founder member, Dorothy Ferguson, for the predominantly violin based orchestra which also includes accordions, flutes and mandolin with piano and double bass backing.

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