The Garioch Fiddlers - Celebrate 25 Years

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(June 2008) 22 tracks: Jarl Hunter Of Gillaburn * Mr & Mrs Ian Chapman Of Badachonacher * Theodore Napier * Floo'r O' The Garioch * Kinpurnie Hill * The Primrose Polka * Way Up In Clachan * Walter Harding's Hornpipe * The New High Level * Hannah's Cradle Song * Barwick Green * Mr Menuhin's Welcome To Blair Castle * Mary And Jim Emslie's Golden Wedding * Jake MacKay's Two-step * The Dean Brig O' Edinburgh * Fiddlin' Friends * The Blackthorn Stick * The Hills Of Perth * Leaving Lerwick Harbour * Black Maria * Tom Cowing's Rant * Gadie Rins.

This collection is full of great tunes from many of the best recent composers such as Jimmy Shand, Andrew Rankine, Fergie MacDonald, Hector MacAndrew and lots more.

All played with the usual enthusiasm of the Garioch Fiddlers.

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