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(September 2014)

17 Tracks: Gràdh geal mo chridh' ( Ishbel MacAskill) * The Nameless Clan (Cliar) * O 's toil 's gu rò thoil leam (Donnie Murdo MacLeod) * Chì mi'n toman (Ishbel MacAskill) * M'eudail air do shùilean donna / Làrach do thacaidean ( Iain MacKay) * The DTs Set (Cliar) * Gur e mis' tha gu tinn (Maeve Mackinnon) * Uamh an oir (Donnie Murdo MacLeod) * Thig an smeòrach as t-earrach (Ishbel MacAskill) * Mor nighean a' ghibearlain (Iain MacKay) * . The Musical Priest (Mary Anne Kennedy) * Ghràidh an tig thu? (Cliar) * Ri fuaim an taibh (Donnie Murdo MacLeod) * Tha mo spiorad cianail (Ishbel MacAskill) * The Para Handy Set (Cliar) * Solus m'aigh (Blair Douglas) * Waulking Song (Dóchas).

A beautiful collection of traditional Gaelic songs from the Isle of Skye and other areas of Scotland.

Perfomed by well known Gaelic singers many of whom are Mod Gold Medalists.

Ishbel MacAskill (vocals), Donnie Murdo MacLeod (vocals), Iain MacKay (vocals), Maeve MacKinnon (vocals), Mary Anne Kennedy (vocals), Charlene Peterson (vocals), Blair Douglas (accordion)

Sleeve notes include the original lyrics in Gaelic, with translations into English and German with information about the songs and the musicians.

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