The Future Sound of Gaeldom

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(February 2002) 15 tracks: Capercaillie (Inexile remix), Karen Matheson (Calbharaigh), Michael McGoldrick (James Brown's March), Shooglenifty (Schuman's Leap), Mouth Music featuring Mairi MacInnes ('S Muladach Mi), Peatbog Faeries (Macedonian Woman's Rant), Martyn Bennett and Martin Low (This Sky Thunders), NUSA (S'Fhada Bhuainn Anna), Alyth McCormack (Hi Horo), Big Sky (Las Temporadas), Croft No. Five (Track 1), Tartan Amoebas (New Day Dawning), Paul Mounsey (Reel Slow), Salsa Celtica (Yo Mi Voy) and Keltik Elektrik (New Mullindhu).

An essential selection of Celtic music, featuring tracks from the new breed of top Scottish musicians pioneering an innovative fusion of traditional songs and instrumentals with contemporary sounds and beats.

Scottish traditional music limbos its way through rock, salsa, European and acid styles to emerge unscathed.

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